AT MADO we have sought to bring together a team of professionals recognized as such and with complementary skills.

Our entire team is dedicated to serving you so that every moment spent in our restaurant becomes an excellent culinary experience, friendly and above all memorable.

All at very sweet prices!


Fish & Seadfood Restaurant

Jean-Emmanuel CHRIST - Michelin Starred Chef


A native of Toulon, a chef by vocation and who previously rubbed shoulders with prestigious brigades from La Pinede in Saint-Tropez, from Byblos in Courchevel, Executive Chef of the Hotel Manoir de Bellerive where he obtained his first star of the Michelin Guide from 2007 to 2009. In Morocco, Jean-Emmanuel was at the helm of the kitchens of 2 Tours and Fouquet's Marrakech. He says it willingly: "There is a before and after Trama. With him, it became obvious, I knew what cooking I wanted to do. "Like his mentor, Jean-Emmanuel is not in the fuss. He approaches the product, with the precision of the fisherman that he was during his apprenticeship as a cook in Brittany. His short menu magnifies the noble products around the theme of fish and seafood ... The Chef takes pleasure in adding to the local products a hint of exoticism.


Youness Aarab - Managing Partner


Youness is the living memory of the restaurant CHEZ MADO. A great professional from the very first opening in June 2012, he has worked tirelessly for the brand to become and remain an essential restaurant in Marrakech.

Very appreciated by his team and the regular customers of the restaurant, Youness welcomes you with his broad smile and his contagious kindness that is his trademark.